Its New Word Tuesday!

Time to clear out my new words that have been piling up all over the place. As always, these words will be cross posted to the IP Fictionarium. Without further ado, let's get to the new words.

Weepon - a weapon that forces the target to break down crying.

Harouse - attempt to arouse by harrassment.

Protential - potential protein, that is, baby fish before they are big enough to eat, soybeans too small to harvest, etc. Also possibly means potential to go pro.

Fogure - figurative fog or a figure in the fog, maybe even one that turns out to be nothing.

Pissibly - pissily possible, someone who will do something for you but will grief you with a poor attitude the whole time (props to Evan Ashenhurst).

Entitlista - someone on welfare who decries others on welfare (see Party, Tea).

Plainasdayopia - when you are looking for something only to realize its right there in front of you.

Boyant - elated by boys.

Reazen - calmed by reason (zen reasoning).

Did one of these tickle you or make you think? Drop a comment on me and let me know.

Update: Protential immediately made me come up with another new word for the day:

Brotential - potential to be a good friend (like a brother).
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