The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people that he didn't exist. But I'm starting to wonder how great a trick it really was. I mean, come on, the collective nation's attention can be diverted in any direction for an almost unlimited amount of time. The current distraction is the feel good story about the Chilean miners finally getting rescued which is great and all but we're focused on a handful of people we'll never meet and while we're looking there, there's more shit going down behind our backs.

We've got some more elections just around the corner and we're looking at the Tea Party idiots and their masters, the Republicans, scoring seats in the House and Senate. Let's be clear, if you are a Tea Party candidate then you are either a willful fraud or a complete and utter fucking moron. Sorry but there's no middle ground. Tea Party members are entitlists while decrying government bailouts, they are against big government while they scoot around in their Rascals purchased at no cost to them through Medicare, they are hypocrites whipped up into a lather by shadowy billionaires using them like the moronic pawns they are.

And then there are the chickenhawks like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the like who exist for no other reason than to repeat lies often enough so that simpletons just accept it as truth but really they accept it because they want to believe the bullshit these jackholes spew, they want to believe that they are the promised people, that they are the blessed ones, that they alone are the inheritors of the earth when, in reality, they are just being used by rich douchebags.

Here's a simple basic fact:
If you earn less than $100,000 a year and you vote Republican then you are voting against your own best interests. The Republican party does not care about you in any way. They care about the richest Americans, the ones that make more money in a day then you or I will make in our entire lifetimes. They care about big business because big business has deep pockets and they are all too happy to give some of their money to the bought and paid for "elected" reps to make them a thousand times more by hook or crook (usually by crook).

If you earn less than $100k and you vote Republican then you are voting to support a party that hates gay people, hates minorities (which will be interesting when white folks become a minority in America), hates non-Christians, hates government handouts that go to other people, a party that has, rather effectively, dug in its heels and simply stopped the running the government. This is a party that's blocked the standard nomination of people to offices for no other reason than they can.

The Republican game plan is to mangle the works up so badly as to make the current Democratically "controlled" government fail. They want it to fail so they can swoop in and say "Look, they coudn't do anything even when they had all the power, elect us and we'll make the world a better place".

Obfuscate, smear, fear, inject doubt, appeal to patriotism, talk about people who aren't like you, talk about people taking handouts (despite the fact that most Tea Partiers are taking handouts) and always, always, always have a bad guy you can point to and call the enemy. These are the tools of the fools who are party of the Tea Party "movement" which is less of a movement and much, much more of a calculated power grab by a bunch of insanely rich people who want to get even richer while Americans starve, lose their houses and suffer. These rich assholes want MORE money that they don't need.

And Republican leaders are fighting tooth and nail for those Bush tax cuts that do nothing (literally NOTHING) but put money in the pockets of people who absolutely do not need it.

Voting Republican these days means, to me, that you're an asshole giving more power to assholes who want to give more money to people who don't need it while the rest of the country flounders the aftermath of a recession created by a whole bunch of incredibly greedy assholes on Wall Street and in mortgage lending banks.

They get richer while the majority of the nation gets poorer, dumber, fatter and deader alot faster.

But hey, if you do vote Republican and you've got a rational reason for it, let me know. I'm interested in hearing how and why people with reasonable intelligence can be tricked into voting against their own interests time and again.
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