And We're Back

It seems like there's almost no time to stop and catch my breath over the weekends. That isn't really true but it feels like it. From the end of work on Friday when Nande and I headed out to Hidden Beach to try out my new triathlon wetsuit to the beach party on Saturday night with the whole family and a whole bunch of friends to yesterday's much lower key outing with just me and the boys.

Add in lots of sports fun, the Giants winning in torturous style last night, the KJ Noons/Nick Diaz fight on Saturday, all of the football action yesterday and last night and it feels like getting back to work is also a good time to catch my breath and start thinking about next weekend.

Some other highlights: We got to see four double up skydivers land on the beach right in front of us and with an awesomely dramatic flared sunset behind them to boot. On Friday night when I went out for a swim, a seal popped up literally no more than six feet away from me in the shallow surf, scared the crap out of me (and him or her). I also saw my first ever green flash though I'm not so sure now that I've read the Wiki page.

And, if the Jets win tonight then I win our local football pool which would be a nice wrap. Actually, I'd happily trade winning the football pool for a Giants win to finish out the NLDS and move on to the National League Championship Series against the Phillies!

But now its back to the grindstone, too much to do, not enough hours to get it done in and too many people waiting impatiently for stuff to work again. Which inevitably means that someone is gonna get their head chewed off for getting all up in my bizness. And then I'll feel like a jerk for a little while again, it is the cycle of life or something.

And Sullivan got a replacement bicycle this weekend too. His last bike was accidentally left behind during a trip to the dog park but it was almost too small for him so he was going to need a new bike before too long. But it would have been nice to defer some of the cost of the new bike by selling the old bike. Either way, we're mobile again and Sully has taken to his new bike with a vengeance! He's faster than before but with no increase in control and I know its just a matter of time before he takes a good digger (he has a tendency to not keep his handlebars straight).

It was a good weekend, a little too short as always but we had a good time anyway. I think I need to get a look at the calendar and figure out when the next long weekend is and start planning a caper for then.
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