A Cornucopia of New Word Awesomeness

Maybe its something I eat or maybe it is one of my brain and body's many mechanisms for dealing with stress but I have been on a new word creation tear lately. Most of these have come to me in the last couple of days and I've forgotten several more as my thoughts flit about inside my head.

But enough jibber jabber, let's get to the new words! As always, these words will be added to the Fictionarium when I have time (which is why the last post of new words hasn't made it over there yet). So here they are in no particular order.

Abracadaver - someone who makes dead bodies disappear says "Abracadaver" when he makes them vanish

Idloo - a small fortress of solitude made of snow for self reflection

Pornucopia - (almost) too much hawt pron. Almost because, really is there such a thing as too much porn?

Enditor - someone who edits suicide notes and obituaries

Opposocks - when the only socks you can find have the exact opposite colors

Propertoes - wholly owned (i.e. not rented or borrowed) toes

Brokeh - badly done bokeh photography

Cumputer - computer used solely for surfing porn

Togurt - the body cheese generated by a couple of hard partying days in a toga (don't pretend you haven't done the Roman-style lost weekend of partying)

Blottery - partying so hard after winning the lottery that you don't remember
winning it

Sticket - a ticket that feels like a stick shoved up your backside
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