Tuesday Morning Wrap

Sully cheers me on to the finish!
The more things change, the more things stay the same. This grey MondayTuesday morning I find myself at my old desk in the bowels of a big cement box. And I now find myself trying to gather up the threads of projects I started months ago and had to put down when my contract ran out.

Lots of upsides to starting a new contract, like benefits including retirement stuff, vacations, sick days and the ability to go to the doctor to see if we can figure out what's up with my knee and how to cure this annoying Adderall acne-like crap (which is ridiculous since I haven't in taken Adderall in three months!). But hey, I'm all about the good side today.

Some friends are in the process of downsizing from a large house to a much smaller place. The new place has HOA landscaping built into the cost of rent so they no longer needed their lawnmower and a whole bunch of assorted (and great fun) lawn implements of destruction. Favorite among the bunch so far? The blower. Its loud, its scary looking, its effective in propelling dust, dirt and other crap away. It also has an attachment to convert from blow to suck (don't you wish you had THAT attachment?) with a bag to collect sucked up lawn ginders.

Part of me feels bad in taking their downsized goodies but its better this way rather than Craigslisting all of it and getting a dime on the dollar if you're lucky. And also, if they move back into a house or we downsize, we can actually even give the stuff back.

So what did I do this weekend? Aside from finish up a long, long, long overdue photography project? I played with lawn tools, I pruned, I weeded, I cut, I trimmed, I blew, I sucked, I dumped and I watered. The front yard looks quite good today though the grass needs to get greened back up. The back yard is still a work in progress but is slowly getting weeded and made into a better kid's yard.

And last evening, after doing kid stuff all day and my wife working a good portion of the day, we decided it was time for the semi-annual cleaning of the dryer vent! And, of course, because our house was built by a bunch of cost cutting idiots, our dryer vent is non-standard and requires much finagling anytime it is breathed on. But that's why there's duct tape, right? (Note, NOT duck tape, duct tape, I cannot stand it when people call it duck tape).

But hey, any excuse to climb up on my roof with power tools is good by me. It was actually kind of fun using the blower to destroy the years of spider webs in the eaves. And pretty rewarding to shove that blower into the dryer exhaust vent and let it rip! Much of the early blowing came back on me with massive amounts of lint but, after some special action on my end, the blower blasted through the blockage and shot lint into the garage to be cleaned up! Much fun!

I'm still in my post-triathlon race malaise though so not much working out this weekend. A little bike ride to enjoy having nice fat tires again (not a fan of skinny road tires!).

And back to work today. Of course the weather has turned out to be awesome today. While I'm parked in the basement of a windowless concrete box. Awesome. But even here there's good news to be relayed. One, I'm likely going to be able to trade out one of my sites for a site I've been at for two years already. Two, I thought my performance review was a formality (thought there was a raise freeze) and wasn't until April. I was wrong, the review is in September and I'm eligible for a bump to the next step which will help that much more!

And, oh yeah, welcome back to Easy who had been wondering where I'd gone as his link was from the old blog (you know, the one I forgot to mention was changing before the change went through and I lost a bunch of subscribers).

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