Some People WANT To Step in Dogshit Apparently

There was a momentary scene over the weekend that's been kind of stuck in my brain since and I thought that maybe tapping it out into a blog post would excise it from my frontal lobe (or where ever persistent memories roost).

Victory and success!
My oldest son had his very first game of soccer ever this weekend. He's playing in a U8 league because he missed the U6 cut off by three days. So yeah, he's playing with boys who are generally quite a bit older and bigger than he is. But its all good, most of the players just chase the ball around and, every once in a while, the ball goes in the net. Fun for almost everyone.

Anyway, my wife, my youngest son and I were watching the soccer game but had noticed that some loser dog owner had walked his dog on the soccer field and then not picked up the sloppy ploppy after his dog crapped. So there was a rather liquidy poop just off the playing field.

A few people came walking through and my wife was able to warn them about the poop. Except for one lady.

My wife said "Excuse me, there's dog poop right there..." but the lady ignored her and kept walking straight for the poop. So my wife said it again louder. This time the lady looked at my wife like she was going to punch her in the face. Seriously, the look on her face was pure anger. I tried to warn her too but she gave me a pissy look too. So we shut up and watched her walk right into the sloppy crap and get it all over her white shoes.

Apparently some people do WANT to stop in dogshit. Or maybe some people are so conditioned to react negatively to any intrusion into their perfect little worlds that they react with anger. Either way, she kind of got exactly what she deserved.

She kind of displayed a shitty soul and now she's got shit on her sole. Nice karmic balance, no?

By the way, that tag/label down there that says HUA? I learned that from a woman I knew studying to be a state trooper. HUA stands for Head Up Ass. I like to think that's what Al Pacino says in his movies. Yeah, that was random...
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