Nerditude or Geekism?

I've added a poll to my sidebar because I need your help. I'm developing a post and potentially a product line dedicated to people like me who live, breathe and eat technology. Back before computers ran everything, calling someone a nerd was an insult just the same as calling someone a geek was an insult.

But, with the rise and ubiquity of technology, nerds and geeks pretty much rule the earth. Piss off your computer guy to your own peril. Sure is hard to get any work done when your computer won't work, eh?

But I digress, yeah, like that's never happened before. I'm curious as to which term you prefer regardless of whether you are a geek or nerd.

Please indicate in the poll which term speaks to you and feel free to leave a comment if you are so inclined. Or ask questions if you have any though all will be revealed in fairly short order.

Much appreciated.
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