Wednesday Afternoon Wrap Up

It is that time of the week when I retrace the last couple of days and make note of some of the good stuff we've been up to.

Newest Obsession - Words with Friends, a casual and semi-sporadic game of Scrabble on the iPhone. My wife started playing it, got me to start playing and now I'm trying to get as many other iPhone users to get in on it too. Want to play me? Download the free version of the app and then search for "fenriq" and start up a game!

Good Ride - I was finally able to align my universe and get out for the weekly mountain bike ride at Wilder Ranch with the MBoSC crew. Had a good time, met some new folks, rode some new trails (a wicked plus!), shot some photos and got home just a little bit later than expected.

iPhone 4 - After almost a week of no news (which isn't always good news), the order status page updated yesterday morning and my shiny new awesome iPhone 4 is on its way to me! The estimated delivery date is today before 3 but its also showing that it is still in Fort Worth, Texas so I'm thinking it'll be here tomorrow instead. And not a moment too soon. The microphone on my worn out 2G has stopped working and the button on the bottom is becoming increasingly cranky and requires some drop therapy (that is, I drop my phone on the carpet a couple of times to get it to work properly again).

Lessons from Loss - My wife lost or left her iPhone in a place where it was taken by someone else yesterday. It pretty much took the plan for the day and shredded it since she was upset about losing it and we spent a large chunk of the afternoon at the park where she last had it. Now the big question is whether to try and reactivate her old phone that's wonky, get a new one on order or wait a little bit longer to see if the finder responds to the text messages sent to the phone. But the kind of scary thing is just how dependent she is on her phone. Without it there's almost no way to get in touch with her which makes me a bit more loathe to see her heading off on long drives with our kids. If she breaks down then how's she going to call for help?

Boardwalk Tuesday Nights - We made our first family outing to the Boardwalk last night. On Tuesday's all summer long, rides at the Boardwalk go from being a ridiculous $3, $4 or $5 each to a single ticket $1 each. Yes, I get that the individual ride prices are set high so that visitors get the unlimited ride passes but a $5 ride that lasts 3 minutes would cost $100 to ride for an hour. Anyway, we had fun, the boys had fun, we got to ride some rides all together but the boys wanted to both ride with me on the Sky Ride over the Boardwalk. Oh and Sully loved the Dragon (a little roller coaster with surprisingly aggressive corners) while Grady was not a fan at all. One of the highlights for me was taking a bunch of photos from the Sky Ride which will, hopefully, be made into some quality tilt shift miniatures.

Work - Still no news on the pending full-time positions. My contact in HR says there's no pending paperwork, nothing in the hopper so I'm a little confused. I was under the impression that July 1st was going to be the launch date for a frenzied 3 months of work at a new site with a massive pile of new tech to install and configure and a massive pile of old tech to wade through, surplus some and hand down to other sites with other stuff. But nope, nothing going on there yet. I do have an inside line on what would be a great, great new job with the county. But that's still a ways off as the position won't open until the current occupant retires and then there's no guarantee that the position will be restaffed given budget issues locally, at the state level and nationally.

Update: My new and awesome iPhone 4 has arrived! It is at home charging up as we speak and will be ready for primetime in a couple of hours. Initial thoughts? It is a heavy little phone. The famous Apple un-box was pretty anti-climatic, just remove the cellophane wrapper, pull up the top and there it is, in all its sexy turned off glory.
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