Target Acquired

I am almost officially signed on to compete in my second sprint triathlon race. It is the Santa Cruz Sprint Triathlon on August 9th, it consists of a 600-700 yard ocean swim, a 12 mile bike ride and then a 3.2 mile run. My buddy, Paul, is going to be racing in it as well so that will be fun. My wife has declined the challenge because of the swim portion which will definitely be the most challenging aspect of the race for me as well.

The best part about this race is that much of it takes place on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz. One of my all-time favorite places in the whole world and not just because there is usually a tailwind coming back from Natural Bridges State Park that makes the blast towards the Boardwalk feel like it is at warp speed (though it definitely does not hurt).

I will probably end up doing this race on my mountain bike refitted with slick road tires as I do not see a new road bike (nor do I really want one if the truth is told) in my near future. Maybe a full wetsuit and definitely some new and better running shoes but I've already got most of the gear I will need.

And, with a new race target acquired, I am now automatically compelled to kick my lax ass back into gear and back into shape. I will freely admit to having slacked off badly after the Avia. The lack of a goal to work towards is a strong motivator. I will likely start looking for my next race midway through the training for this one. Maybe September or October but definitely no ocean swims then!

One other really cool thing about this particular race is that, once I'm signed up, there are free Tuesday evening workouts to join in on. This includes transition practices and open water swims! And the more comfortable I am going in, the better my overall time and satisfaction will be. Racing and finishing is fun and all but now I'm going to start setting higher and higher goals. I want to shoot for a top 25% in my age group finish and that's a pretty good sized improvement from my 33rd of 72 at the Avia.

Stay tuned for delightful training updates, epiphanies and, I'm sure, the occasional owie.
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