Seriously, WTF Google?

I don't get it, I don't understand how the world's top search engine company and creator of such techno awesomeness can not stop clearly obvious spam from landing in my Gmail in-box every single day.

Does Google really think that I know anyone who's name includes the word "Viagra"?

But what is worse is that there is no simple mechanism for filtering these stupid spams because the Viagra part isn't the sent from email address, its the name in the quotations and the sent from address is, invariably, my own email address which it would be stupid to filter out.

But I can't filter out the quoted sender? Why not?

And I can't just make a blanket filter that scans all email for Viagra and deletes them sight unseen? Why not? This isn't rocket science, or maybe it is, I don't know, I'm not a coder. But it doesn't seem like it should be rocket science. It seems like it should be pretty basic to filter garbage away.

I'm still a very big fan of Google, I like what they do, I like how they do it but this irritating oversight on their part is, well, irritating. Kind of like when they changed how iGoogle home pages were rendered with the ridiculous nav gutter on the left taking up precious screen real estate. No matter how many complaints they've gotten, they didn't allow users to change it back to the tabs. So I've had to install a flippin' Firefox extension to make it the way I want.

Maybe that's the solution with the GMail problem? But it shouldn't be. I shouldn't be looking to third parties for solutions that Google has to be aware of and just hasn't done a damned thing about.

Its dumb and annoying and that's a really short sighted way to treat your customers.

Perhaps Google's mantra should be amended to read "Don't be evil or stupid" but they'll need to work on that second one before they can own it (remember the total fail of the Buzz rollout with no privacy controls? woopsie).
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