The Mara-Kvetch Express

Yes, just yes, yes, yes. Gina Carano kicks ass!
There's a bunch of stuff going on in the world, some good, lots bad, some that I just can't be arsed to give a shit about even though many, many other people are quite literally dancing in the streets. Plus, there's a Domo-kun you can print out and make, really, click the More link below, I promise.

Yes, the Lakers won the NBA championship again. Big whoop-de-do. Basketball sucks. Its a game for the freakishly tall, of which I am quite clearly not. Kobe Bryant wins another ring. Yeah for him, I wonder if he's going to celebrate by sodomizing another pretty white girl (against her will or not)?

The World Cup is going on and is accompanied by the angry buzzing sound of something called a vuvuzela. Until a week ago I had no idea what those incredibly stupid annoying things were called. They don't bother me though because I'd rather watch the "No signal" text bounce around my television screen than watch 22 grown men play an hour and a half long game of keep away. Seriously, soccer is the most watched sport on the planet? Are we really this lame? No, don't answer that.
Cut out and make your own Domo-Kun
I took my dog to the vet today. She's got what we thought was a wild anal gland that was trying to take over her butt. Seems it isn't a gland, just a run of the mill growth, not even malignant so I paid the bill and brought her home. They did say she's the right weight now after a diet cut her down to a wee 90 pounds from a peak of 105. Yes, she's now a lap dog... for Sasquatch.

I'm registered for another triathlon (hold your applause, its a sprint tri). I'm actually pretty excited about the prospect of another race. This time in my town, on roads I know and love. The only really hard part is going to be the open ocean swim in the Monterey Bay which would be frozen most of the time if it wasn't salt water. If I can get through the swim, the rest will be, more or less, cake.

My older son is nursing a very upset stomach tonight. I'm hoping he doesn't puke and, if he does, that my wife wakes up to deal with it instead of me. I hate puke. I don't mind crap but I really hate dealing with puke.

I did enjoy the heck out of almost the entire UFC 115 tilt up last Saturday. All the way until Chuck Liddell went charging in like a madman and got his lights shut off (again) by Rich Franklin who'd also just had his left arm broken by Chuck's leg. Sad to see the Iceman go down again and am hoping it's his last time in the Octagon.

For the record, I did pretty well on my predictions. I won the first five bouts and then started to falter, winning just one more the rest of the night. I ended up at #102 out of 15000 people playing in the fantasy game on the UFC fight. But it was a good night of fights and now all of the MMA/UFC world is getting all kinds of jacked up for Shane Carwin to take on Brock "No Class" Lesnar.

Oh yeah, Shane Carwin? He tweeted me back. Yeah. Here's hoping Shane punches Lesnar so hard he goes running back to the wrestling fakery he came from.

My work life is like trying to swim in a big vat of molasses, it just makes no damned sense. I know I've got a job but I don't know where I'll be working yet. There are some bright spots on the horizon but we're not there yet so I'm not even gonna bother with them for now.

I'm also working on four design projects right now. Five if you count the wedding book but that's less design and more just putting things together. The design stuff is for my own benefit, three of the projects are bicycle related and one's photography related. With some luck, they'll generate a little income, a little interest and maybe lead to something else.

Oh yeah, I ordered a new iPhone 4. I pretty much had to as my now ancient and increasingly cranky 2G (yeah, the one with the stupid recessed headphone port) is starting to fail. I had to implement the drop repair today. The button at the bottom stopped working so I dropped the phone on the carpet a couple of times and it works again, for now. I ordered my new iPhone through the AT&T site on the 15th when the pre-orders opened up but have yet to get a confirmation of the order and the order status page says In Process. They also haven't taken my money yet which might be good or bad, I'm not sure which. The local Radio Shack says they'll have some extras and I'm on a short list to get one if the AT&T deal does fail as I'm starting to expect it to.

And, amazingly enough, I don't think I'm going to a single kid's birthday party this coming weekend. It will seem odd, I'm sure, to not partake in party food but I think I'll manage. Especially if I can squeeze in a good long bike ride, maybe even getting in on the MBoSC Saturday Morning Wilder Ranch ride. Maybe but I'm not counting on it. From the MBoSC site:
Meet at 10 am at the park sign at just north of the tunnel under Highway 1. The best way to get to the meeting spot is to park in the Wilder Ranch parking lot, walk your bike through the Ranch area, past the barn, chickens and garden, ride under the highway using the tunnel and you should see the park sign by the cattle gate.

You don't have to be a member to ride. This is a great opportunity to meet local riders and enjoy the abundance of trails in our corner of the world.
I've been wanting to get out with the group but timing hasn't worked out, maybe it will this weekend?

Our little garden project is coming along well. The sugar snap peas we started from seeds are growing rapidly, the basil (three kinds!) is getting established, the corn is about to explode vertically, the squash plants are looking healthy and my neighbor gave us a couple of rhubarb starters, the birds or something got one but the other is starting to get going. Also, the tomatoes look fantastic! At least the one in the half barrel does, its about four and a half feet tall now and still growing.

One sad floral note (heh) is that my long time bonsai project ended. The juniper got scorched and has never been able to recover. I've been growing this little tree for more than 10 years, probably close to 12. It makes me very sad to see its previously bright green foliage looking like rust now. I've been thinking about preserving it and keeping it since its been a part of my life for so long.

Cafe Rio Tiltshift Miniature.
Oh, and the deck? The jackass builders who built our house didn't use the load bearing shear hangers to support the cross beams under the deck. And we're now looking at some possibly expensive repairs or we deal with a deck that may just fall apart one day. Fun.

That's about all that's rumbling around in my head for now. Sorry if this came off as pissy rather than somewhat mildly entertaining, I was aiming for the latter but sometimes have a tendency to lapse into the former and not notice. You know what this post needs before it can go live? A graphic, maybe more than one, something to lighten it up, break up the massive blocks of text I seem to be able to crank out without much effort at all.

Which reminds me, I hate, hate, hate the stupid Dragon Naturally Speaking ads on the radio. I find myself wanting to punch Mr. Slow Talking Typer guy in the face. I should probably not let it bother me so much but my aggravation is pretty much on a constant simmer between (in no particular order) my kids, my dog, my wife and my job dealing with people who don't want to figure things out for themselves even though the issues they are having can likely be solved by a tiny application of thought and effort. Anyway, now I'm really done. I think I'm gonna go watch Glee or Burn Notice.

And hey, if you made it this far, congratulations. Here's a World Cup Explained for Americans cookie for ya.
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