Let's Play What If...

Here's a fun game that all the coolest kids are playing (no, it isn't huffing pressurized butane, that's soooo last year). Its called the What If game and it goes like this.

What if...
- People really told you when you asked how they're doing?
- The entire universe really is conspiring to make you have a shitty day? Take some solace that the universe cares enough about you personally to ruin your day.
- You've already peaked and it really wasn't all that much to write home about?
- Everyone you know makes fun of you behind your back?
- God really does exist and he makes a black mark next to your name in his giant book everytime you masturbate?
- Crack doesn't kill?
- Two plus two can sometimes equal three, four or five?
- That whole no two snowflakes alike stuff is bullshit and, by extension, that there are probably more than one of you alive right now on this planet?
- Someone invented a virtual karma inversion that would take a hateful racist and so thoroughly put him in the position of that which he hated/feared/admired/wanted before would cause him to open his mind to a widened consciousness where people of different traits and beliefs can co-exist without one (or both) wanting to bash the skull in of the other?
- There really was no Coke, Pepsi? And nothing but cheeseburgers?
- John Belushi, John Candy, Elvis and Chris Farley could be brought back to life?
- Cartoons were real?
- You concentrate so hard that you actually can move things with your mind but that nobody's tried hard enough yet to really do it?
- Life really is but a dream?

Do you have any "out there" What If...'s to add? Let's hear 'em!
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