Progress Report

It would seem that I'm having much more fun fiddling with the controls on this redesign than getting any real work done today. Which would be true to a certain degree but I'm actually still being pretty productive amid the tweaks.

But, as I've been staring at this site for a few days and it looks pretty good to me, I thought I'd ask my readers what they think. How's the readability of the site now? Are the links legible? What about the spacing? What about the cool background image? Is the tumbling Flickr widget cool or distracting or annoying?

What would you change if you could change anything?

There are still a few things left to finish up but I really am pretty pleased with how things have come out.

Left To Do:
Add in Share This code for posts - Done
Fix the missing favicon - Done
Repost the disclaimer
Twitter feed
More to come, I'm sure.
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