Family Milestones

Just wanted to make a quick blog post to note that, as of yesterday, Grady is no longer in need of using training wheels at all. When we bumped him up to the bike with the 16 inch wheels, he decided he really needed the wheels to keep him upright. After a couple of outings with the wheels I could see he was being slowed down and his bicycling skills progress was being hampered by the wheels. So when he hopped off to get a drink of water, I grabbed my ratchet wrench and removed the wheels.

At first he was rather unhappy about it but when he climbed back on board and took a mere two pedal strokes, that big awesome Grady grin broke out on his face and he blazed across the parking lot at a new higher speed than ever before.

Oh yeah, training wheels are gone for good now!

And Sullivan has moved up from his low-slung tricycle. He's now riding the 12 inch wheeled bicycle with the training wheels firmly attached still. But he's doing really well on it and is farther along than Grady was when he'd started using the bigger kid bike.

To celebrate we rode all the way from West Marine to the bridge and back (maybe close to a mile) on the slough path which is gravel-ly and a little daunting to new cyclists. But both boys kicked some butt, took some names and rocked it out like the little stars they are.

We had a great time even though the wind was howling across the lot!
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