The Weekend Wrap

So here it is, Monday morning again and I'm plugging away at computers on one of my school campuses. We had a pretty good weekend even if the weather never did live up to the hype. And I got two distinctly different and good workouts in which have shown me just how far I've got to go before my body is ready for the triathlon.

I also signed up for another race in about three weeks at the 2010 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey. I'm going to do the Cat 3 Cross Country starting at a bleary and cold 8 am on Sunday morning. I sort of pushed myself into it because I've always wanted to race at the Sea Otter and, because I'm a cheapie, I could get $10 off my entry (the offer for which expired at midnight last night). I've never raced mountain bikes before so this should be fun and it is the Sea Otter's 20th year so there's that too. I'm not quite sure how that weekend will work since I will likely have to camp out there or hit the road butt ass early on Sunday to make the start. But there is time to sort out the details now that the race is on.

I also did some additional tweaking on NorCal Bikers, added some Amazon affiliate links because I need to get some stuff at Amazon anyway and might as well generate a little side income from the process.

And for the workouts, I converted an 8 week training schedule into an Excel spreadsheet, then uploaded it to Dropbox so I could check it anywhere and then went a step further and uploaded it to my Google Docs so I can access it AND update it with workout data on the fly. Jay suggested going even further and importing into my Google calendar but I have a tendency to flip my workouts a day forward or backward so not sure if that'd work.

But I did get a good run and swim in on Saturday and then a good mountain bike ride in on Sunday. My legs were pretty worked after the run and swim but those sored-up muscles didn't infringe on my cycling at all. I'm well ahead of my training schedule at this point but still need to bring my running up by quite a bit.

Today is a scheduled rest day which is good since its also my big work day with a nearly full day at one school and then heading out to another school for a shorter day there.

My swimming is coming along pretty well overall. I need to work on my ability to keep going without needing to stop. But its good for now and I'm improving my technique and stamina each time I'm going out. I'm in the market for some better swim trunks since the board short style is like wearing a big ol' drag suit. No, I am not going for the banana hammock Speedo style. At least not yet. For now I'm going to get some square brief style trunks.

The one downside to swimming on Saturday is the little heated pool area got very crowded with people who seemed to screech almost constantly. It got kind of annoying.

The run was pretty good too considering I haven't really done much running since back in high school when I ran cross country for a couple of years. Then I discovered mountain bikes and was like, running is for suckers, biking is for me! Only now I'm having to learn how to run all over again. I'm working on my stamina, working on my stride and trying not to pound my shins and calves into cramped up jelly. Seriously, I've never had to deal with cramping in my shins like this and its rather painful. But it is coming along.

I fully expect to be on the starting line for the triathlon fully confident in my preparations for the race. Over the next few weeks I will start to work on my transition work and actually changing over from swimming to biking and then from biking to running.

On Sunday I got out and hit Nisene Marks for my standard (though awesome) ride. The trails had really dried out alot more in the last week since I was there. Still some sloppy spots but overall the system is in great shape and I did not crash into a pricker bush this time which always helps. On Sunday afternoon I took the kids out to the huge parking lot behind West Marine and they rode their bikes around the lot for a bit before Grady decided he wanted to try riding the hill that leads down to the slough path. And he rode up and down the gravel hill 20 or more times. He has really taken to riding without his training wheels and is fast as heck now.

The next step will be bumping him up to a bike with 16 inch wheels and getting Sully going on the little bike with the training wheels re-attached. And then the whole family will be almost ready to go bike touring together. I can't wait!

And last night everyone had a pretty low key evening. Sully passed out on the couch at about 7:30 and Grady put up virtually no fight when it was time to take him up to bed.

Another good weekend with lots of good exercise!
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