UFC 111 Predictions

Great, great card lined up for tonight's UFC 111. Headlined by a couple of big time fights in Hardy taking on GSP and Mir and Carwin going at it. Saunders and Fitch as a late replacement bout along with Diaz and Markham means this ought to be a fun card all the way through.

Should be a night of fights that will not disappoint. Here are my predictions for the night's fights.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy
Prediction: GSP by TKO

Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin
Prediction: Carwin by KO

Ben Saunders vs. Jon Fitch
Prediction: Saunders by TKO

Fabricio Camoes vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Prediction: Pellegrino by Submission

Jim Miller vs. Mark Bocek
Prediction: Miller by TKO

Nate Diaz vs. Rory Markham
Prediction: Diaz by Submission

Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Brown
Prediction: Almeida by Decision

Jared Hamman vs. Rodney Wallace
Prediction: Wallace by Decision

Tomasz Drwal vs. Rousimar Palhares
Prediction: Drwal by Decision

Matt Riddle vs. Greg Soto
Prediction: Riddle by TKO

There ya go.

Update: It was a great night of fights, wish I could have seen the undercard battles as well but that's how it goes sometimes. I ended up pulling a 7-3 here and a very solid 8-1 on the ESPN pick'em. The Carwin massacre of Mir was impressive, fast and demonstrated how much power Carwin has in those short punches. Mir looked huge but it wasn't anywhere near enough to slow down the Carwin 1st round stoppage train.

The GSP/Hardy fight was impressive but more so because GSP dominated another strong fighter nearly from opening bell to final bell. Dan Hardy never got a chance to open up and launch his bombs. GSP took him down at will, controlled him from the top position and basically had complete control the entire time. Watching GSP fight is like watching BJ Penn fight at lightweight, there's just nobody close to his level.

It was a bad pick to take Saunders over Fitch because Fitch is a smothering kind of overpowering guy, he does pretty what GSP does, take them down and control them. Not as dynamic and not as complete as GSP but Fitch is a very, very good fighter.

It was a good night of fights, wish I'd been able to rally up some pals to drink and play cards but that's alright, I was able to concentrate on the fights.
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