Today Was a Good Day Summary

Well, my brief write up of our day yesterday turned into an epic saga. I thought I'd be a kind blogger and write up a quick version for our attention deficit society.

Here's the day went:
Whole family to gym, kids to cool daycare space, parents to workout.
Rode a super cool high tech stationary bike along a coastal route and worked up a powerful sweat.
Did a circuit of upper body machines to give my body a wake up call that workouts were back on the menu.
Climbed the climbing wall with an auto-belay system outside the gym. Nearly made it to the top on the "hard" course before hands decided to stop playing nice.
Signed up at the gym and made a rough date to play squash with the owner at the gym near Cabrillo College (where I had my first job in Santa Cruz county some 15 years ago).
Everybody got to go swimming at the Simpkins Swim Center down the road. Nice warm shallow pool to play in and I got another workout in the lap pool.
Went to lunch, ran into some friends and their kids out for a bike ride.
Had super tasty sushi at Pink Godzilla, Grady tried a bunch of new foods and loved them (score!).
Then came home to watch a movie.

Good, good stuff. I'm a little sore today, I expect it'll get a bit worse before it gets better but I'm good with that.

If you want to read the full version with background info, history and all the other ephemera then click here and settle in, its a long post!
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