Things On My Mind

This will probably be a fairly random ramble through the in-box in my brain. Bear with me or not, its all good.

Burn Notice - I am loving this show. It is smart, sexy, funny and cool. The writing is crisp, the action scenes are very well done, the plots are a bit over the top but that's part of what makes it fun. And I have a massive crush on Gabrielle Anwar. It isn't as hyper-realistic and gritty as The Shield but it is just as good.

Education Funding - There is a severe disconnect between the mentality of cutting education budgets and then simultaneously requiring test scores to keep going up. This is a doing more with less dichotomy and it is chock full o' fail.

Triathlon Training - There's a huge difference between being in bicycling shape and being in swimming shape. I've been learning that one the hard way over the last week or so. But knowing is half the battle and I'm improving my swimming rapidly. Next up will be adding in running which ought to be another massive shock to the system. Also, note to self, find out what it means that I can exercise for extended periods of time at my supposed 100% heart rate (220 minus my age).

PC Tech Support - I have become a very big fan of a utility program called Advanced System Care. It is a quick download and it cleans out Spyware/Adware, Registry errors, privacy files and temp files. It runs incredibly quickly and can turn a crapped out landfill-bound computer into a usable machine again. Very impressed with it. And, oh yeah, its free. There is a pay-for version but the free version seems to kick all kinds of butt all on its own.

SXSW - I think I want to go to this too-cool-for-school conference next year if there is anyway to swing it. The reports coming from attendees, the conference tracks and the overall awesomeness is like a bug light for geeks and I'm an unabashed geek.

Christian Home Schooling - no curriculum oversight means evangelical Christians can teach their kids pretty much whatever bullshit they want to, like, oh I don't know, that evolution is crap and Intelligent Design is the more widely accepted version how things came to be. Which means, of course, that these are growing up ignorant of reality and are instead being kept stupid intentionally to keep the faith. Or some such crap. Either way, we have kids being taught demonstrably false junk science and calling it home schooling.

John Edwards - liar, cheater, cancer stricken wife beater (truth be told, I can't find a reliable source that he actually did beat his sick wife). Total scumbag shiny face piece of shit. That's about all I have to say. Though his mistress is pretty hot in the photos in GQ.

Tea Party Protests - these Tea Party people are among the loudest and most astonishing and openly hateful people in America today. They are pawns of corporate interests and have the grotesque audacity to openly mock handicapped people and minorities in the name of their totally twisted for of patriotism. They would be laughable but since they are actually serious about their beliefs (as beamed into their walnut sized brains by their GOP overlords, of course) so I just tend to feel a sort of pity for them. Like they are too stupid to know any better. But they should know better, they just choose to join in on the herd mentality and allow themselves to be lead by people who do not have their interests at all on their agenda. They are pawns, stupid, hateful, ugly pawns.

And, with that, I'm going to saddle up and get myself a bike ride in. The training continues and I plan to be in exceptional condition come the start of my race!
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