New Word Stream of Consciousness

When it rains...water falls from the sky. When I create new words, they sometimes come in bunches. Here's a bunch.

Smarticle - smart article. Something you read that makes you think.

Of course, this leads us to a few other new words:
Starticle - a starting article, one that leads to a series of articles.

Sparticle - an article about Sparta or possibly an article about sparring.

Tarticle - an article about a tart or person of, uhhhhh, looser morals.

Hearticle - an article that deals with or tugs on the heart.

Barticle - an article dealing with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) or Bart Simpson.

Of course, all new words posted are archived at my Fictionarium to make it easier for the Washington Post to come and steal them and pretend like they came up with them all by themselves. No, I'm not bitter.
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