What I've Been Up To

Life continues, life rolls on, there is no stopping the flow of life. Even when you just need a short break for the ride to stop so you can get off and catch your breath, the ride doesn't really stop, you just stop and the ride plunges onward, upward, outward. Luckily though, you can grab back on when you are ready and get swept right back into the stream of life again.

My life, of late, has revolved around my family. Around my two little boys who make me laugh a thousand times a day, make my heart sing, make the world worth dealing with. I can't even remember what my life was like before I had the overwhelming beacon of awesomeness that is my two children.

Sure, it isn't always fun or easy. There are plenty of times when things are annoying and frustrating and it is too easy to get sucked into the vortex of feeling angry. But being angry is a huge waste of time and energy. And I don't know about you but whatever time I have on this planet is limited and ticking away with each passing second.

Like many sentiments, there's a great movie quote to encompass my current mood. "Get busy living or get busy dying." I will deliver two karma points to the first person that can place the quote without cheating (though I'll never know but the karma points will know and they can be fickle so you best not cheat).

Anyway, I haven't been writing to this ol' blog as much as I used to. A combination of being busy with work and having other, more immediate, outlets for my thoughts. I Twitter like a demon some days. Other days, I just bend the ear of whoever's closest by. No matter what though, I've always got something on my mind, always got something in the works and always have some idea, thought or plan to add to my pile of to-dos.

But tonight I got the chance, actually I took the time, to start and finish a pretty neat project that ended up working out quite well. I used some plans I got off of the Maker Workshop for a DTV Antenna. Yes, we dumped our cable subscription a month and a half ago. It has been a little different but, on the whole, it has been nice to not have 70 some odd channels of crap on the box all the time.

But a few more than the four we were getting would be nice. The digital antenna I got at Target was adequate, it pulled in some signals but would often fuzz out or need to slightly repositioned. It hasn't been ideal. Nor is the new antenna I made tonight. But damned if it doesn't work way better than the store bought one!

I'd write about work but work is a little loopy these days. I'm not fully hired back by the district but am working full time. It is an untenable situation in the long run and I continue to search for more complete employment.

That's about it for now. Or all I care to share.
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