My Down and Dirty UFC 105 Predictions

Quick and ugly, here we go.

Couture over Vera, Swick over Hardy, Kang over Bisping, Brown over Wilkes, Pearson over Riley, Taylor over Hathaway, Etim over Gugerty, Osipczak over Riddle, Kelly over Silver, Gustafsson over Hamman, Winner over Delgado.

On the Bisping fight, I just want to see him lose some more. He's a douchebag, I like it when douchebags lose. And I like it when good guys like Randy Couture keep defying his age and win. That said, I see Vera making this a very, very tough fight.

And there are going to be some wicked fireworks in the Swick/Hardy fight. Both guys are fast with power. It might be over very quickly or it might become a slugfest battle royale.

Looking forward to chilling with some pals and watching the action later tonight and am trying not to see the spoilers!
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