The Whackedness of Education in California

So I've slowly come to realize that I'm a mildly hot property in the school district where I used to used work full time. But the reasons for my relative hotness are kind of annoying and a good symptom of what's wrong with education in California in general.

I don't fully understand how the system is currently set up or even what to call my situation. But it skinnies down this, I can be hired on a contract basis to work at schools. My pay rate is set by HR and is even less than what I made last year. I do not qualify for benefits meaning no health insurance which saves everyone a huge chunk of money and puts my ass out in the wind.

Everyone benefits from this arrangement except for me. I get paid a little bit less and have no protection. I cost about half of what I used to cost to hire because of the loss of the benefits which has made me a hot property.

It is ridiculous that HR is setting my pay scale lower than it was last year. In fact, I think I'm going to ask them why this is so because it is ridiculous. I need to be making more per hour to compensate for the loss of my benefits.

I actually got in touch with HR yesterday to find out why my pay rate was lower and they investigated before letting me know that I should be, and now am, getting paid at my previous rate. Which is a nice little boost and every little bit helps. We're still not where we need to be but, because I'm one of those optimist types, I feel like we are moving in the right direction with all of our revenue irons.

But I sure would like the security of some health insurance so, uh, government types, why don't you get that universal healthcare thing sorted out and enacted, m'kay?
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