Was That So Bad?

So, today I got to not only listen to but participate in the showing of President Barack Obama's speech to the nation's children about the importance of school. I was the A/V nerd trying to keep the streaming feed from freezing up completely. Despite several emails from the technology department, oh the much beleaguered technology department attempting to function, requesting sites to not watch the video on their individual computers in their classrooms, yes, the stream got beat all to hell, froze several times and had to be fully refreshed.

But the speech, on the whole, was worth listening to and watching. All of the mud slinging and hand wringing by the "Right" was pretty much completely and utterly for naught.

The brainwashing was incredibly subtle and sounded alot more like "Work hard and don't expect success to be handed to you on a silver platter." And yet, there were people who were totally apoplectic about even the suggestion that our leader would even consider addressing the nation's children.

In talking about the event with a friend who happens to be a Republican (which I just found out about earlier today), his take was something like this, "It doesn't matter which party you belong to, this is our President taking the time to speak to our children, put aside your differences and listen to the man, he's got something to say."

And so, without much further ado. Here's the speech for your viewing enjoyment.
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