Gratitude is the Attitude Day 7

Woops, missed a day yesterday again. For some reason I'm having a hard time staying on task.

A third of the way in and I'm still finding plenty to be grateful for.

Today's gratitude goes to my brother. I'm grateful that he took the time to talk with me at length the other day to try and help us get our financials sorted out. In the course of the conversation it came to my attention that I am very likely suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. He strongly and repeatedly urged me to seek a professional diagnosis and get started on some medication to help me out.

I have an appointment scheduled for this coming Monday, the soonest I could, and will look forward to seeing what it is like not having my mind pulled in fifteen directions at once.

So, thank you, Peter. I really do appreciate your efforts, your caring about me/us and your advice.
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