Good Stuff via Twitter

Contained within are some of the excellent links folks have posted on Twitter and I'm going to try and collect and share them with you.

Report: Nine Scientifically Proven Ways to Get Retweeted on Twitter - I retweeted this post so it works!

The Global Debt Ticker - this will make you feel slightly better about owing $20,000 and then you realize just how ridiculously enormous this number is and then you'll feel sad.
FaceBook software accurately guesses on sexual orientation by profile analysis - small sample of tests so far but the software guessed ten out of ten the first time through. Does not work on lesbians or bisexuals yet.

Schwarzenegger: Far fewer than 100 state parks will close - I'd like to see that far fewer number as close to 0 as possible.

Amazing photos of a dust storm sweeping over Sydney via PetaPixel - these are some crazy photos!

All the Interbike you need to totally feel like you are missing out on the best and most awesomest bike show in North America (even if Gary Fisher thinks Las Vegas is a terrible place to hold the show and I agree).

Life Magazine feature on UCSC from 1970s - and you think its a hippy-dippy school now?
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