Catching Up

So I've been pretty busy over the last few days, between working at two schools and taking care of my two boys and doing multiple presentations and a training for Kyani, things have been moving pretty quickly. Which gives me little time to put thoughts to blog. Certainly not enough time to put coherent, well thought out thoughts to the blog, that's for sure.

But let's try to to catch up a little bit to share what's going on in my/our world.

Both the boys are now full engaged in and loving their preschool. Grady is old enough to have gone on to kindergarten, he's also bright enough to do it but he's not emotionally ready to make the leap. And, after many conversations with other parents, teachers and anyone else who cared to talk about it, we decided that it made more sense to hold him back a bit than to shove him into a full-on school setting. So he's now one of, if not the, oldest kids at the school. Which is fine by me and him.

Sully, who was exposed to the preschool last year, loves, loves, loves his school, his teacher and most of his classmates. He's a great group player, he engages in the circle time singing, he rides the trikes with gusto, he's just a very engaged little kid.

But he was also running a pretty good fever yesterday afternoon and into the evening so he's being kept on the sidelines today, much to his chagrin.

For my own part, I've been starting to settle into something resembling a schedule. I've got three days of work a week right now at two different schools. It has been a bit of a hassle to have to keep pulling on my old department for access, passwords and authority to do things but I understand where they are coming from as well as the fact that they are seriously (and woefully) understaffed now after the loss of more than half the department to the budget cuts.

By the way, our school district just found out last week that they are going to have to cut another $10 million from this year's budget. I do not have the faintest idea how this will be accomplished but I can all but guarantee that the fat cats at the top won't be suffering any pay cuts even though they get paid the most and do the least to actually educate the kids. My suggestion would be to cut any salary of someone making more than $150k by 10% and anyone making more than $75k by 5% across the board. How much would that save? How much solidarity would it show with those of us in the trenches? How likely would something like that be to happen? Not bloody. These are the same jackholes that voted themselves raises last October and then further voted to make those raises untouchable in the budget cut talks they knew were coming in the next year. Which is, of course, unconscionably scummy and lame of them.

Anyway, when I'm not working, my wife is so I'm on kid duty which is fine by me. The better her shop does, the better we all do. We're still looking to fill out the schedule there with an additional hair stylist and someone in the back room, either a manicurist, esthetician, massage therapist or waxer. Once we do this, the shop goes from being a net negative to a positive which would be just fine by me.

We are also putting in quite alot of time with our Kyani business. I drove up to Morgan Hill the other night for a training session. It was an Advanced Leadership session with some of the top people in the entire company and it ended up being immensely useful and empowering. I wrote up my notes from the session and posted them over on my Kyani blog. We also had a presentation on Tuesday afternoon before the training and then another one on Wednesday evening. We've got a couple of quieter days and then a big presentation on Saturday where we are hoping to sign up some distributors for our new star.
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