Birthday Shoutouts to my 9/11 Peeps

There are lots of pretty cool folks born today. Let's give a quick shout out to some of them.

Ludacris, Maria Bartiromo, Harry Connick Jr., Kristy McNichol, Tom Landry, Bear Bryant, D. H. Lawrence, O. Henry, Lola Falana, Brian de Palma, Ellis Burks and, let's see, who else, oh yeah, ME!

Of course, today has been permanently clouded over by the terrorist attacks in 2001 but it will always be our birthday first.

To celebrate, we are heading to the beach with the whole family including Nande, our over-sized wild dog. And next week I am planning on going sky diving over the Monterey Bay. We're also going up to San Francisco on Tuesday for the Giants game against the Colorado Rockies, I scored a great deal on some club level seats a couple of weeks ago!
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