UFC 101 Predictions

BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian
Prediction: Florian by TKO in Rd. 4
Reason: While I have great respect for BJ Penn and his natural talent, I think Kenny Florian is hungrier and has aggressively worked on every aspect of his game. Florian is the more complete fighter right now.

205 lbs.: Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva
Prediction: Silva by Submission in Rd. 3
Reason: We all know why Forrest is being pitched against Silva. Forrest is going to fight him unlike Silva's last two opponents who wouldn't engage. Forrest is game and he works very, very hard to get in great shape but I think he's going to be over matched by an extremely talented striker in Silva. At least this fight won't be boring like Silva's last two.

170 lbs.: Amir Sadollah vs. Johny Hendricks
Prediction: Sadollah by Submission in Round 2
Reason: I don't know much about Hendricks but I do know a little about Amir Sadollah. He's a very tough, very game and very wily fighter who finds a way to win. He may be rusty but, if he can last through the first round, I expect he'll slip in a nice arm bar or guillotine choke for the win.

185 lbs.: Kendall Grove vs. Ricardo Almeida
Prediction: Almeida by TKO Rd. 3
Reason: Just taking the bookie's line on this one. I like Kendall and think he might end up pulling this out but the odds-makers are all pushing Almeida here and they usually know quite alot that I don't know.

155 lbs.: Kurt Pellegrino vs. Josh Neer
Prediction: Neer by Unanimous Decision
Reason: Josh Neer is a tough sumbitch, he's also experienced and unflappable. I don't give him too much of an edge over Pellegrino but I do give him an edge and think he'll pull out the win.

170 lbs.: John Howard vs. Tamdan McCrory
Prediction: McCrory by Submission in Round 3
Reason: I like Tamdan, he reminds me alot of my cousin, Eli. He's a tough kid with excellent ground skills.

170 lbs.: Matt Riddle vs. Dan Cramer
Prediction: Riddle by TKO Rd. 2
Reason: Matt Riddle has the size and skill to be a really good fighter. If he's been applying himself, I think the combo of his talent and youth are going to put Dan Cramer on his back.

155 lbs.: George Sotiropoulos vs. George Roop
Prediction: Sotiropoulos by Unanimous Decision
Reason: I'm not a fan of Sotiropoulos and I do rather like Roop. But every fight of Sotiropoulos I've seen, he's shown a very cagey and skilled fight game. Roop is tough and has a big heart but Sotiropoulos has the edge in skill.

170 lbs.: Danillo Villefort vs. Jesse Lennox
Prediction: Villefort by Unanimous Decision
Reason: Don't really know either fighter here so I'm taking the bookie's insights and putting them to work for me.

185 lbs.: Alessio Sakara vs. Thales Leites
Prediction: Leites by TKO Rd. 2
Reason: The oddsmakers are strongly in Leites' camp on this matchup. They have been known to be wrong but its hard to refute where they think this fight will go.

155 lbs.: Shane Nelson vs. Aaron Riley
Prediction: Nelson by TKO Rd. 2
Reason: I've flipped on this one, I had been taking Riley but I now think Nelson is going to work it and beat him. We'll see what happens on Saturday.

So there we go. The short version is Florian, Silva, Sadollah, Almeida, Neer, McCrory, Riddle, Sotiropoulos, Villefort, Leites and Nelson. Eleven picks, let's see how it rolls!
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