Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward

Yesterday was, for me, a good day. It was, for Grady and my wife, not such a good day.

For me it was good because I got not one but two packages in the mail, my new cycling shoes and an iPod stereo unit to replace the boom box I sold at the yard sale. I also got a call from the EDD and got my unemployment claim straightened out which means I'm going to start getting checks. And, to top the day off, I presented Kyani at my friend's house, signed him up as a distributor and also signed up his father as his first customer. What his signing up means is that my wife has moved up a notch, achieved a new title with new benefits, pay levels and other good stuff. It also means that I get to now start working directly on signing up people directly below me. And that is something I'm very excited about. I also had a good long conversation with my mom about all kinds of stuff.

And Grady had his first dentist appointment that included the drill as he has a few cavities to take care of. He was not happy or comfortable about the whole thing. And part of the discussion about how to approach this better included being told that we'd have to drop another $1000 to sedate him which is money that we really don't have right now. Which put my wife in an unhappy mood.

And I can understand it but there was just so much positive stuff that happened yesterday.

Right now I'm getting myself ready to head to the pre-school for a four hour orientation. There's also another meeting tonight but my wife will be going to that. I'm hoping that I will be able to get a bike ride in today as I haven't been able to ride at all this week which is tough after I got four rides in last week.
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