No HFCS - Wednesday Ingestion

Third day of the experiment. My weight fluctuates, as always, but seems to be trending downwards. I don't know if this is so much a result of the removal of hfcs from my diet or just my being more aware of what I'm eating. Either way, I'm happy to be moving the scale back towards my natural weight of around 170.

Kyani Sunrise
Coffee with Creme Brulee flavored Coffeemate
Sara Lee Everything Bagel with butter

Al Pastor burrito from Tacos Morenos in Santa Cruz with fresh hot salsa. These things are the freakin' bomb!
And I had the rest of the bottle of Mexican Coke when I got home.

Turkey sandwich on double fiber wheat bread with mozzarella, tomato and avocado topped with dijon mustard.

Evening snack:
I admit it, I fell a little off the wagon and did eat some ice cream. I'm not perfect but I did make sure I took the time to really enjoy it.

Weight: 179
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