No HFCS - Friday Ingestion

I think today will be the last day I post every little thing I eat. Not only because it makes for a boring post but because I spaced it for most of yesterday and had a tough time remembering what I did eat.

The good news is that I started today weighing 179 pounds so, without too much effort on my part I've whittled three pounds off my body in about a week. And that's without multiple long bike rides as I've only been able to get one ride in this week of any consequence.

On to the food diary.

Kyani Sunrise
Coffee with Italian Sweet Cream creamer

Two slices Double Fiber Wheat Bread with
Chipotle Hummus spread on them

Turkey meatball sub with string cheese and garlic parmesean marinara sauce
Half a can of Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade (the fizzy kind).

Steak with spicy spices grilled
Sauteed fennel with garlic
Amaranth cooked in vegetable broth
Simple Limeade, two glasses
Smooze Coconut Mango partially frozen popsicle thingie

No hfcs at all today, I don't think. Plus, tonight's dinner was gluten free as well. I feel pretty good although I'm rather full.

Late night snack:
Pina Colada yogurt with granola - yes, I was pissed to realize that the pineapples in the yogurt get a dose of HFCS.

So, dammit, I did actually ingest some HFCS today. Not much but some.

Thus endeth the publicized portion of the experiment. Posting everything I eat doesn't make for good blogging.

Current weight: 181, it was a big dinner.
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