Link Round Up

Because I've got no time right now to write out a "real" post, here are some good links or blog posts I've come across recently.

XKCD Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Sakhr's Blackberry app puts spoken word Arabic/English translator in your pocket - now if they could just do the same thing for Spanish and put it on my iPhone.

Pointless Babble Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
- Twitter may be pointless to many but there are a whole bunch of us who find it to be both useful and often highly entertaining. And, by some measure, the vast majority of spoken human interaction is "pointless babble" so what's the point of denigrating Twitter as mostly pointless babble?

Scalia says there’s nothing unconstitutional about executing the innocent. - this absolutely ridiculous statement from one of the Supreme Court Justice's presiding over our nation made the rounds recently and will likely never go away. It is, quite possibly, one of the dumbest things ever uttered. Part of the fundamental basics of our legal system is that it is better to let a hundred murderers go free than execute one innocent man. That Scalia has no problem with executing a known innocent man is the clearest sign I've ever seen that he should step down from the Supreme Court immediately, he's not upholding the law any longer.

The real US healthcare issue: compassion deficiency - initially read over on Confessions of a Libertine.

Hemcrete: Carbon Negative Hemp Walls - they are, among many other positive attributes, fireproof so please keep your jokes about smoking your walls to get stoned to yourself. Hemcrete is "waterproof, fireproof, insulates well, does not rot [when used above ground] and is completely recyclable. In fact, the manufacturers say that demolished Hemcrete® walls can actually be used as fertilizer!"
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