Apple Store FAIL!

Came across this gem of educational software called Kid Recognize that had recently been reduced in price (I can't imagine why). Take a peek (click for full size) for about a half a second and you'll see why this is a major App Store FAIL. Come on, Apple, you're supposed to actually check this garbage before it goes on sale in your store. This is beyond pathetic and should immediately be removed from the Educational offerings.

Look, I don't have a problem with people trying to make a buck off of an app but I do have a problem with someone who has a minimal command of the language basically stealing money from people with this kind of poorly executed crap. Hire an editor to make your words make sense, Yuxin Chen. If I'd paid for this junk, I'd be screaming at Apple to refund my money. Your sample graphic actually says "Which one of the 3 farms is goat?"

It is clearly apparent that this steaming pile of code should never have been approved for sale in the App Store. I hope and expect Apple will remove it in short order.
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