A Walk in the Woods

Today has been a really fun and different kind of day. No pressing deadlines, no heavy work to take care of and some autonomy about what we wanted to do. So I suggested we go for a hike in Nisene Marks State Park, the same woods that I go biking in pretty regularly (but not often enough).

It is always good to slow down, look around and really enjoy the pretty spectacular world that we are lucky enough to inhabit.

It took a while to get everyone ready to go, with the exception of Nande who was ready by the time she'd stood up. We packed a bunch of snacks, drinks and camera gear. Got dressed, hunted for shoes and socks for the boys since they've been in sandals most of the summer. Grady wanted to wear his red rubber rain boots but I talked him out of it as he'd have ended up with nasty blisters and super stinky feet.

We parked at the Safeway as I normally do and held hands across the street leading to the trail head. The boys were excited, Nande was thrilled to be out and it just felt good to be out doing fun stuff with my family. And, oh yeah, the weather had gone from cloudy and overcast to bright, sunny and beautiful which never hurts.

Here's Nande at the end of the hike, still playing, still full of energy and having a great time splashing around in the water. I think she's going to be a perpetual puppy even when she's ten. I actually picked up this rock and heaved it for her, Nande ran under it and glanced off the side of her head. Didn't make her miss a step, I commented that her head is probably harder than the rock.

There weren't too many people out in the forest today but enough so that my boys got to interact with some other kids, Nande got to sniff some dog butt and I had ample time to take some photos and enjoy my wife's company along with my kid's.

It really was a great day and I'm looking forward to more of the same.
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