UFC 100 Reflections

As noted in the previous post, yesterday was a big, long day. A five hour photoshoot at a wedding, rush home, change, get some beer and chips, drive thru burger and then off to watch UFC 100.

But it was worth it. The fights were pretty great with some substantial highlights. The biggest being Dan Henderson knocking Michael Bisping out cold with an overhand right. Hendo didn't need to smash him one more time when he was down and out but he did and it just goes to show you, don't talk shit about Dan Henderson.

The Lesnar/Mir fight was kind of hard to watch because it was apparent early on that Brock Lesnar has grown into a better fighter in the 17 months since they last fought. Lesnar stalked Mir more, took his time, set himself up and then pummelled Mir into a bloody mess. Once in the middle of the ring and then again against the cage where Lesnar pretty much annihilated Mir with those short, nasty punches.

Lesnar's post fight antics will win him no friends though and he continues to show that he's not about the sport of MMA so much as he is about the ego of Brock Lesnar. Classless and ugly barely begins to cover it. He's an ass, a great and extremely dangerous fighter sure, but an ass. I hope Dana White does bring Fedor Emelianenko to the UFC because that would be a fight for the ages. And I'd take Fedor over Lesnar anyday.

The Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves fight was impressive. Thiago Alves looked huge and the commentators opined that he probably had put on more than 30 pounds since the weigh-in the day before. He weighed in at 170 and they thought he was close to 205 at fight time. That's amazing! But, in the end, he couldn't counter GSP's takedowns and was dominated on the ground for five full rounds. Many people were expecting GSP to lose to Alves because of Alves' hyper-aggressive fighting style but GSP is an amazingly well-rounded fighter with great stand up, incredible takedowns and dominating wrestling. He is the complete package and its hard to argue that he's the best pound for pound fighter in the world right now.

I would have liked to see more stand up in the Fitch/Thiago fight as it turned into a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu chess match more than anything but it shows that Jon Fitch can fight on his feet or on the ground. He's a great fighter and he earned a well deserved win.

Overall, it was a great night of fights. I went five for eight in my predictions which isn't too shabby, I also came in 155th out of 24865 players in the UFC fantasy game. I need to stop going with my sentimental choices and go with the hard picks (I took Mir over Lesnar which was, in retrospect, stupid).
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