UFC 100 Predictions

Time for some predictions for the upcoming mega night of MMA fights at UFC 100. The short version: Mir, GSP, Hendo, Fitch, Bonnar, Jones, Miller, Dollaway. Picking eight fights. We'll see how I do next Sunday.

Brock Lesnar (c) (3-1) vs Frank Mir (12-3) - UFC Heavyweight Championship
Result: Mir by submission in Round 2
Reason: I expect this fight will be explosive as Lesnar's gotten exponentially better with each fight in the UFC. But I don't think he's even close to Mir's jiu jitsu and that'll be the difference. But then, Lesnar could also just overwhelm Mir with his hamhock sized fists and knock him out. It'll be a good fight either way but I'm pulling for Mir.

Georges St-Pierre (c) (18-2) vs Thiago Alves (16-3) - UFC Welterweight Championship
Result: St.-Pierre by TKO in Round 2
Reason: When Georges was still coming up he didn't have a strong mental game which is why he lost to both Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. Now he's very strong mentally and is one of the best fighters on the planet along with being an elite natural athlete.

Dan Henderson (24-7) vs Michael Bisping (17-1)
Result: Henderson by submission in Round 3
Reason: I'll be honest, I think Michael Bisping is a class-A douchenozzle. He's brash, arrogant and a jackass. I want Dan Henderson to pound his annoying ass into a bloody mess. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Bisping is a very talented and motivated fighter.

Jon Fitch (18-3-0-1) vs Paulo Thiago (11-0)
Result: Fitch by
Reason: I like Jon Fitch, I like his heart, I like his attitude and I like his toughness. He lost an incredibly hard fought battle to GSP. I don't know as much about Paulo Thiago but he's got a great record so he could stay perfect and beat Fitch but I'm going with the Fitch nonetheless.

Stephan Bonnar (11-5) vs Mark Coleman (15-9)
Result: Bonnar by TKO in Round 3
Reason: If Bonnar can survive the first couple of rounds, he should have the conditioning edge in the third round and be able to tee up and knock Coleman out of the fight.

Jon Jones (8-0) vs Jake O'Brien (11-2)
Result: Jones by TKO in Round 2
Reason: Hard to go against a guy rolling with an undefeated record. O'Brien no tomato can but I think Jones is going to take it to him.

Mac Danzig (19-6-1) vs Jim Miller (13-2)
Result: Miller by TKO in Round 1
Reason: Sorry Mac, you're about to be overwhelmed by a faster, stronger and just as talented fighter.

CB Dollaway (9-2) vs Tom Lawlor (5-1-1)
Result: Dollaway by submission in Round 2
Reason: I hope CB's been putting his off time to good use and improving the rest of his fight game. He's already a great wrestler but he should be able to develop into a great striker as well and with that wrestling strength he should be able to knock opponents out, eventually. For now, I think he'll rely on his strength and that's wrestling and making people say Uncle.
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