Top Ten Thoughts About Sarah Palin's Abrupt Resignation

1. She's tired of being a national punchline. Yes, she's pretty but she's as vapid and as stupid as your typical runway model.
2. She's gearing up for a run at the White House in 2012. Which would be fine. She may resonate with the people but she's a bad leader, inexperienced and as dumb as an Alaskan winter day is long.
3. Somewhere Tina Fey is breathing a sigh of relief.
4. There is, physically and realistically speaking, no possible way she could see Russia from her office nor would being able to see Russia in any possible way qualify her to have even the tiniest modicum of foreign policy experience.
5. We can, officially, lay to rest the phrase "lipstick on a pig".
6. Women everywhere can start rebuilding every bit of the equal rights mountain her idiocy and reliance on T&A blew apart.
7. Vegas bookies are putting together the odds on her winding up on Fox News within six months. Or The View.
8. If she wasn't so incredibly egotistical and stupid, she'd have realized months ago that silence can be alot more deafening than yet another lame press announcement.
9. Its hard to take someone who preaches about family values and abstinence for teens seriously when she can't even keep her own children from getting knocked up.
10. Now Hilary Clinton can go back to being the hot politician.

I have plenty more to say about Sarah Palin. From the whiners who think she got a raw deal by the big bad media wolf (hint, she gave fewer interviews than any vice presidential candidate in history and the one's she did give were absolute softball hand-picked BS affairs) to the people who voted for her solely because they'd like to fuck her (which is an incredibly poor way to choose who to vote for). Sarah Palin is an aggressive ignorant and arrogant fool with ambition that her brains just aren't quite enough of to fulfill.

She was in no way ready to the vice president and the McCain campaign made a colossal error in not vetting her more thoroughly. She was embroiled in an ethics investigation about her abuse of power to get her sister's ex-husband fired because she's a vindictive and grudge holding bitch. She had little to no grasp of national let alone international politics. She'd barely even stepped foot outside the USA in her life. She tried to charge rape victims for the kits used to generate evidence to convict rapists in courts.

The list goes on and on and on. She is, was and will remain the low water mark for vice presidential candidates. The only more annoying thing introduced by the 2008 campaign has been Joe the Fucking Plumber whose name isn't Joe and he's not a licensed plumber and the whole point of McCain invoking him (that his taxes would be raised under Obama) was later proven to be utter bullshit.

I'm almost sad to see Sarah go. She was a trainwreck from start to finish and the only thing that makes me sad about her is how many people across the country glommed on to her for all they were worth. Regardless of the patent fact that she had zero qualifications for the job she was running for.

And, last thought, if Sarah Palin had a stroke, she'd probably look alot like that photo above, just all the time. Yeah, I wrote that.

Happy Birthday America, so far our gift has been this freakshow's departure.
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