- I've processed somewhere on the order of 700 photos from this last weekend with a mere 1150 or so to go. It is slow work but the results are worth the effort. So far I've posted a little over 100 to my Backprint site for sale. I hope to get the second batch finished this morning and posted today.

- My black eye is now the technicolor yellow, purple and black eye. It doesn't hurt too much anymore except when I absent mindedly rub it.

- I got my first check from Kyani the other day. Not a big one but a step in the right direction for sure. The nice thing is that my wife got a matching check. As these totals go up, it'll get more and more awesome.

- Also on the Kyani front, I'm working out a trial run with a famous Bay Area columnist after a column he wrote. I'm looking forward to him becoming an advocate for the products after he uses them for the month.

- Several packages to get shipped and then we're supposed to be heading to the East Bay to do some war-walking. Not sure if it'll happen today as there's still plenty of other stuff to do around the house and calls to make but we are working on expanding our empire.

And now, back to the photo processing. I'm close to finishing up one entire wedding and then I get to start on the second. If I don't go cross-eyed first.
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