Reality Check

Today started off reasonably well, I got to sleep in until after 8. The whole family took a trip up to Soquel to the chiropractor, my wife's tweaked neck was still giving her trouble and it was time for my regular appointment. We got to see a good friend who's now working at the chiro office. I got to give her the good news that one of the companies we used to work for has finally folded.

Yes, the market research company that screwed me over badly a few years ago has finally collapsed under the weight of its own arrogant stupidity. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving company.

We got back home, had some lunch and that's about when the day went sideways. Remember the cute chihuahua puppy from the other day? Well, our neighbor with her four dogs, one of which is a maladjusted pit bull, were let out to get a little exercise. The pit bull raced up the driveway and around the corner. It grabbed the chihuahua in its mouth, bit it and then flung it away. It was enough to kill the poor little chihuahua almost instantly.

The worst part of it all was that the chihuahua's family, including three very young girls, were all there to witness it. They saw it happen but it happened so fast that nobody could do anything to stop it. And this poor little puppy died. The maladjusted pit bull was yelled at all the way home but the damage was done.

It really, really put a big reality check on me. I went up to see if there was anything I could do for the family. I saw the poor little bloody dead puppy in the box. I heard the three girls crying. It about broke my heart.

And the pit bull? The pit bull gets a ticket and that's about it. The pit killed another animal, a loved family pet and its owners just get a ticket. I'm sorry but any dog that kills another dog needs to be put down. I've never been comfortable around that dog, I always keep my guard up and I keep myself between it and my kids. I don't trust it and I for damned sure don't want it outside without being on a leash ever again.

It went from being a reasonably good day to being a pretty sad day. Luckily though, neither of my boys were overly aware of what happened. They could tell something went down but not what it was. All they know is that the little puppy they just played with a couple of days ago isn't going to be around to play with anymore.

Life is fleeting. Life is unfair. Life can be stolen away in the blink of an eye. Live life like every moment just may be your last.
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