Notes from My First Wedding Photography Assignment

Yesterday was a long day and today is already slated to be a longer one although there will not be a UFC event awaiting after the work is done.

Anyway, here are some thoughts as I prepare for today's wedding.

- When things start to happen, they will start to happen very fast and are unstoppable to retake a photo.
- Comfortable shoes are an absolute must.
- Eating or having some kind of snack is essential.
- Cloud cover is your best friend at an outdoor wedding.
- Tall centerpieces can be difficult to work around when taking long distance candids.
- There are some incredibly emotionally charged moments that are classic and timeless and impossible to capture again once they've passed.
- Memory cards are cheap, shoot five or ten times the number of pics you think you'll need.
- Every wedding is unique and wonderful in its own way.
- That memory card with all the day's photos on it is more precious than anything in whole world until its been downloaded and the photos backed up to DVD and an external hard drive.

I've got a couple of hours to get ready for my next wedding today. Time to get some materials printed off, cleaned up and ready to roll out.
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