My UFC Predictions Scorecard

This is a compilation of all my UFC predictions so far. I've no idea how good or bad I've done yet so it'll be interesting to see. I used the Wikipedia UFC list of events to check my cards.

UFC 100: 5 for 8
TUF 9 Finale: 5 for 8
UFC 99: 4 for 6
UFC 98: 5 for 8 (the Wilson/Larson fight didn't happen, Chris Larson was replaced by Mike Pyle at the last minute)
UFC 97: 5 for 8 (hmm, I'm seeing a pattern)
UFC Fight Night Condit vs. Kampmann: 4 for 5
UFC 95: 5 for 6
UFC 94: 5 for 9
UFC 93: Missed it entirely, woops.
UFC 92: 3 for 6
TUF 8 Finale: 4 for 10 (ouch)
UFC 91: 3 for 5
UFC 90: Missed it.
UFC 89: 3 for 5

That's all I've got so far.

The tally comes to a decent 51 for 84 or about 5 right for every 8 picks (see the pattern?). I need to start making my predictions based less on sentiment and more on the actual fight. I took Mir this last weekend because I think Brock Lesnar is a giant douchebag. Still, if I'd been putting money on my picks, I'd be up by a good bit by now.

The best part is that there are some good cards coming up soon, BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian is in early August and then Couture vs. Nogueira in late August.
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