The Immediacy of Children

This may sound odd to the childless folks out there but children are alot like dogs. They have little to no sense of the future and live almost exclusively in the right now. When they are hungry, they need to eat this instant. When they need to use the bathroom, they need to go RIGHT NOW or risk peeing their pants. When they get hurt, they need immediate consoling by the nearest available parent.

Also, note, availability has nothing to do with the parent doing something or otherwise being occupied. It has everything to do with being near enough for shouts for aid being hearable.

We joined a number of people from Grady's preschool class at a program today called Together in the Park. Its a semi-organized gathering in area parks and includes activities, storytime and socialization for both the kids and the parents. It also does a pretty solid job of wearing out the wee one's batteries so that naps are more likely to occur.

Towards the end of the couple of hours we spent there this morning, Grady scrapped his thumb. Enough to remove a bit of skin off his knuckle and cause him to start screaming in pain. This is a kid with a pretty high tolerance for pain so I was pretty sure it hurt like a bugger. And he pretty much demanded all of my attention in trying to make him feel better. Luckily (or just good planning), we had a tube of Neosporin in the car and I was actually able to put a dab on his thumb. This is actually indicative of how much it hurt because Grady is usually very, very strongly against any sort of medicine to help him feel better, no band aids either.

It took a few minutes for the pain killer in the ointment to take away the stinging pain but it eventually did its job and Grady calmed down enough for the ride home. He did ask several times to make sure the band aid was the first thing we were doing when we got home.

No epiphanies here, just a day in the life with a couple of kids and how they sometimes require everything else to take a backseat so that their ouchies can get the attention they deserve.
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