The Good Stuff Wrap Up

The internets are stuffed full of awesomeness, some of which I have had the good fortune to see and appreciate.

I thought I'd tag my Google Reader Shared Items and pass along some of my recent favorites, just in case you missed them.

JK Wedding Dance - via Amy. If this doesn't make you smile then you may just have a stone for a heart.

Is it Cheating or Collaboration? - a discussion of what we are really teaching our kids in schools, rote memorization or the ability to figure stuff out.

Skater vs. Gangbanger - this video has been removed from YouTube as it violated some rules or something. The video depicted some skaters jumping down a set of stairs when a couple of loser gangbangers started hassling one of them. The one 'banger had a tiny little gun that he kept sticking in the face of the skater. At one point the skater grabs the gun, disarms the guy and then proceeds to beat the holy shit out of him. Which is fine by me and shows that most of these tough guy 'bangers are pussy cowards who can't fight.

Is It A Crime To Watch The Naked Erin Andrews Video? No, But It Makes You A Total Jerk - the film was made illegally, some wanker used a pinhole camera hidden in her hotel room, but it isn't illegal to look at. Though, since it was shot under such pretenses, you'd be a better person if you didn't feed the troll who did make it by viewing it. I wanted to look because Erin Andrews is gorgeous but I did not because I'm trying this new thing where I try not to be such a jerk.

Bake Cookies on Your Dashboard - when life hands you heatwaves, make cookies on your superheated dashboard.

Want to keep your wallet? Carry a baby picture - the article says that 88 percent of the wallets with the baby picture in them were mailed back. That is incredibly impressive.

And finally, Buy Pro Camera Gear on a Student Budget - good advice on how to stretch your dollars when buying camera gear. The shortened version is, buy bulk sale used stuff from people to get the one piece you want and then sell the other bits off individually to recoup your initial investment.
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