TUF 9 Predictions

Time to ake some predictions for this Saturday's TUF Finale. If you just want the short answers, here are my picks: Sanchez, Pearson, Johnson, Diaz, Lytle, Tibau, Dent, Osipczak.

Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez
Result: Sanchez by Unanimous Decision
Reason: I dig Clay Guida, I dig his energy, his enthusiasm for kicking ass and, yes, his wild head of hair thrashing all over the place. But I think he's just going to get out fought by Diego, who puts so much intensity into his fights that he could almost shoot laser beams from his eyes.

Ross Pearson vs. Andre Winner ("TUF" lightweight finale)
Result: Pearson by TKO in Round 3
Reason: I'll admit that I don't know too much about Andre, he was one of the quieter Brits on the show. I just think Ross Pearson is a tough, strong and full of heart little fighter who wants to win more than anything.

DaMarques Johnson vs. James Wilks ("TUF" welterweight finale)
Result: Johnson by TKO in Round 2
Reason: Wilks barely beat Frank Lester for the second time. That was Lester's 4th fight in 34 days. And Demarques is a superior fighter in every way. Demarques also has made no bones about disliking Wilks.

Nate Diaz vs. Joe Stevenson
Result: Diaz by Submission in Round 2
Reason: This may be blasphemy to say but I think MMA and the UFC have passed Joe Stevenson by. I've seen his last few fights and his game hasn't improved, his fighting hasn't changed. He's predictable and static. Besides, only a fool ever bets against one of the Diaz brothers, a fool who wants to get his ass kicked.

Kevin Burns vs. Chris Lytle
Result: Lytle by TKO in Round 3
Reason: This should, by all accounts, be a great fight. Both fighters like to bang, both fighters are tough as nails and this will likely win Fight of the Night honors. That said, I think Lytle's further along in the evolution of his fighting and will win it in the end.

Melvin Guillard vs. Gleison Tibau
Result: Tibau by Submission in Round 1
Reason: Guillard is a punk headcase. He doesn't have the mental capacity to compete in the UFC. He's a talented fighter to be sure but he's also an idiotic punk.

Jason Dent vs. Cameron Dollar
Result: Dent by Submission in Round 2
Reason: While I think Cameron Dollar has the skills to be a fighter, I just don't think he's got the heart to be one. Jason Dent is a smart fighter, using as much as he needs to win and not overtaxing himself beyond that. I expect he'll use his skills to get Dollar down and then catch him in an armbar to end it.

Frank lester vs. Nick Osipczak
Result: Osipczak by TKO in Round 2
Reason: Osipczak gave Demarques all he could handle in a three round war. While I like Frank Lester and give him major props for toughness, he's going to be outclassed by a much crisper fighter in Osipczak.

Update: Went five for eight on my predictions which isn't too bad but it could have been better. The fights were very good all the way around. My only wish is that Spike would have started showing the fights earlier and that people didn't post so many spoilers to Twitter.
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