Top Ten Ways to Get Me to Unfollow You on Twitter

More "help" for Tweeps that don't understand why I stop following you. Seriously though, I rarely follow new people, I'll check out their stream and make a judgment call then. If I follow you and then unfollow you then you've probably violated one or more of the rules below.

1. Reference God often.
2. Tweet in All Caps.
3. Use text speak.
4. Following and replying to twitards like Spencer Pratt.
5. Nothin' but retweets.
6. Automated direct messages.
7. Tweeting ten to twenty times at once regularly.
8. Have internet marketing guru in your bio. Actually, I'll never follow you in the first place.
9. Tweet about your sexual conquests.
10. Tweet minutiae all the time. Nobody, really, nobody cares that you are going to bed.

Bonus, 11. Lie.

All of this said (or written, if you want to be precise), I still do follow some people that break one of more of these rules but they almost invariably have a really cute avatar pic. So keep that in mind, when in doubt, a great photo can make up for a lot of shortcomings.
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