'Tis the Kid's Birthday Party Season

I think we've been to three kid's parties in the last three weekends. The one on Saturday was a good one even though our weekend weather lately has been less than stellar. It was a combined party for two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy was a classmate of Grady's from his pre-school so there were alot of his friends from there and that ensured him having a good time charging around and playing with them.

Sully has a slower entry speed to parties these days. He gets very shy and keeps his face buried in my shoulder. But, once he warms up, he's a little demon running around with a huge grin and playing soccer and pretending to be a monster and he's even gotten pretty adept at battling the pinata scrum to claim his share of fallen candy. He used to pick up one piece and then work on unwrapping it so he could eat it but now he groks the gather as much as possible mentality with the best of them.

There were two pinatas at this last party, one in blue for the birthday boy and one in pink for the birthday girl. I, for one, am astonished that there were no serious incidents with the whacking stick. The first pinata took many serious hits from the kids, some of whom bring an almost frightening amount of power to their swings. Yes, these are five year olds but damn, some are making very, very loud contact.

It was the back swings that scared me the most. As the pinatas started to break apart, a couple of pieces of candy would fall and several kids would try to rush the field and claim the candy while the child with the whacking stick would still be attempting to whack the pinata. There were some incredibly close calls including one where Grady missed getting smashed in the face by about two inches.

And, oddly enough, I was channel flipping last night and happened across America's Funniest Videos doing a segment on pinatas which had me laughing out loud. From the wild swings into the parent's balls to the baseball style annihilation that turned the pinata into a missile to the little piker's taking swings only to get decked by the pinata swinging back into them. It was awesome and really, really funny.

Still, these kid's parties end up being much, much longer than I ever anticipate (Saturday's was around 4 hours!) and there's always too much sugar for my liking but the boys have a good time and that's the important thing to me. And, oh yeah, the food was outstandingly awesome, a taco bar with all kinds of authentico fillings, fantastic salsa and guacamole and a really tasty chicken salad! That never hurts!

Also, no bounce house this time around which is fine. I'm consistently amazed that there aren't really serious injuries from kids playing in those things. They seem like a perfect storm of out of control physicality, different sized bodies and launchpad bouncability. Though they are a really good time to play in!
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