Rapidfire Bloggeration

There's alot going on these days and I don't really have the time to devote full posts to each of them so I'm going to mash up blogging and Twittering and will rapidfire some thoughts out.

Jon & Kate - didn't watch their tranwreck but saw this divorce coming a mile away. Why? Well let's see, Kate's a control freak bitch and Jon looked so utterly lost and like a cornered rat with huge eyes, it was inevitable. Who loses? The kids. Sometimes (most times really) "reality" sucks and this show is one of the worst and most egregious offenders of decency.

Mark Sanford - dude disappeared for a week and flew to Argentina to have sex with his mistress. Which normally wouldn't be anything especially notable except he's the governor of South Carolina and, supposedly, a pillar of the GOP's family values. Now he's just another asshat politician who's a slave to his cock.

E! Bans Speidi - Speidi is Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, two vapid attention whores with absolutely nothing to add to the universe except stupidity and self absorption. E! put it to a vote and 96% of votes went to banning any mention of them on the channel. That's, um yeah, that's a strong consensus. And yes, I harbor as strong a dislike for these two jackasses as someone possibly can for people they've never met.

North Korea Sentences Two Female Journalists to 12 Years Hard Labor - Is there anyone that doesn't know this is all political posturing? These two women are being used as pawns so that North Korea can get something from the United States. They are being held hostage on the national stage and getting tons of press for it.

Gay Marriage Remains an Issue - For some ridiculous reason, people stil have their knickers in a bunch over whether two people who love each and only happen to be the same sex can be married. Same sex marriage is a total non-issue to me, same with Don't Ask, Don't Tell. My sexuality, my preference is and should be of no concern to anyone else. How I treat my spouse, who happens to be a woman, is of concern. I look forward to a day when we look back at this time and wonder just what all the fuss was about.

Closed Minds - If your spouse was interested in adding to your family's income in an effort to cut down on the the ridiculous number of hours you worked and improve your health and the health of your kids in the process then wouldn't it behoove you to, at the very least, consider it? It may not end up being your solution but not even bothering to take an honest look is just idiotic.

Iran's "Election" - Look, we all know it was a complete sham. Own up, give up and run an honest election and people will stop protesting, stop calling you great big fatwa liars. And, while you're at, please stop with the affected outrage at being questioned about the validity of the election. You are fooling no one and look like absolute tools while you protest the protests.

That's it for now. Time to put on some pants and go let my dentist drill on my face for a little while.
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