The Pornificator Goes Car Shopping

As the Pornificator's Ford Fiesta has finally given up its wheezing, smoky ghost, it was time to do a little car shopping. Car salesmen are, if you haven't seen any lately, as nervous as crackheads with no more rock in their baggies. They are even more shifty eyed than usual, their white belts over their white pants are cinched extra tight to compensate for how lean their sales have been. Its a bad time to be selling cars but a good time to be buying them since you can demand great prices, great interest rates and a whole host of add-ons or you'll go to the next dealership down the street.

Anyway, the Pornificator had some fun re-imagining cars as porn names. Here are some of the more fun ones he came up with. Yes, some might stretch the imagination but hey, its all fun and games anyway, right?

Let me know you're favorite in the comments, if you please. Or, if you've got some of your own, leave them in the comments too. And yes, my mother is proud of me.

Toyota Camry - I Oughta Cram Me
Ford Escape - Four De Rape
Cadillac Escalade - Scatalac Mess We Made
Hummer H2 - Humper For 2
Chevy Tahoe - Shovy In Da Hole
Honda Accord - Whore Da Ass Card
Chrysler Lebaron - Crappler Le Bare Bone
Jeep Cherokee - Creepy Pair on Me
Volkswagen Jetta - Pokes We Gone Wetta
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