One Door Closes...

And another opens. The closing door is my work in the school district. It has been illuminating, exasperating, depressing and, sometimes, really gratifying. I will be leaving with a much improved technical support skill set, I've gained a huge amount of knowledge of how networks function, how to fix all manner of computer problems, how to manage a massive pile of disparate work at several locations. I've also learned some of the ways to work within a massive and often idiotic bureaucracy.

The exasperating part is seeing how deeply under funded education is and seeing how the cuts effect the school's ability to instruct children, seeing how much of education is smoke and mirrors and duct tape, that the system is so badly strained that it feels very close to snapping and unraveling altogether.

The gratifying aspect comes from being able to resolve a teacher or administrator's pressing technical problem. Or from being able to help propel some student's educations a little further along through the application of technology. Or getting kids turned on to educational sites that are fun but also teach them something worthwhile as opposed to the game port sites that let them play Sonic or Mario or some other time waster with no redeeming qualities.

In the end, I have enjoyed my time in the district, I've met an awful lot of very cool, very dedicated and good people. I've made a good number of friends, I've made a huge number of contacts and I've helped lots and lots of teachers, staff and students out with their problems.

But this isn't the end, this is just the beginning to another chapter. And, if we are able to grow out our Kyani business then we'll be in a great place by the fall. Having the summer to get it going will give us the opportunity to make it a success.
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