My Michael Jackson Memory

I think I must have been about fifteen or sixteen when I can remember actually paying attention to a Michael Jackson song. The reason was because my mother's boyfriend's daughter and I were hanging out in her room listening to music and I was, in a word, enthralled with her. She was a couple of years older than me, bodacious, curvaceous and very, very sexy. Of course, like most other boys becoming men, at 16 I was, basically, a walking boner.

Anyway, we were sitting in her room, laying on her bed and she was explaining to me how sexually provocative music could be. She played Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and broke it down, telling the song's story. She also played Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf and mimicked the groan/sigh's throughout the song, I think there were seven but I know she knew exactly how many there were and when they occurred in the song.

And I can very clearly remember her shaking her rather impressive booty to Billie Jean, pursing her lips for the "Oooh!" and I was, at the time, much more taken with her than the music being played. She could have been grooving to polka music and accordions and I'd have been interested. As it was, she introduced me to Michael Jackson, Duran Duran and the inherent sexuality of pop music.

That was a long, long time ago, I wonder what she's up to these days? I bet she was one of the many who have been devastated by Michael Jackon's sudden death.
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